About Us


OAGG �Osterreichischer Arbeitskreis fur Gruppentherapie und Gruppendynamik�

Since half a century a renowned provider for adult training in Austria. Covering educations from different schools of psychotherapy to supervision and coaching, mediation and organizational development. The partner in this partnership - �Sektion Supervision und Coaching in the OAGG" - is training supervisors and coaches for many years.


�Historian�s Club-Veliko Turnovo�

Local non-governmental, non-profit organization. It�s members are history teachers, university professors and administrators in the field of education. An aim of the Association is to qualify teachers from all humanitarian sciences. This also includes continuing education of teachers and trainers in the latest trends and topics in adult education as well as innovative techniques and methods. So to support lifelong learning of its members.


�ISZ Management Centrum�

Providing training and education on therapy as well as coaching and supervision for therapists and individuals in �helping professions� (i.e. pedagogical staff, social workers) since 1990. Additionally training and coaching for managers is provided.


�Dictum Koolitus OU� (Dictum Development Company)

Providing mainly training, supervision and coaching for managers in order to spread life-long learning in organizations. They supervise change processes, and help to create cooperation between people from the different cultures.


�INC Training& Consulting� s.r.o.

Small company that provides special knowledge in intercultural work and offers advanced training for supervisors and coaches. Specialized in intercultural work, networking and change processes. It offers advanced trainings to supervisors and coaches as well as to companies and managers.


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