The general aim of the ESCME Grundtvig Partnership

is to educate supervisors and coaches for multicultural Europe. This is done by developing an advanced training seminar on this topic and through raising the professional competences of the participants of the partnership. For the Bulgarian partner, another major objective is gathering experience and know-how about coaching and supervision.
Supervisors and Coaches support clients in coping with the challenges of working life. Working life in Europe is increasingly determined by migration processes and by international companies and organizations. Organizations demand that employees be able to communicate and work with and in other cultures. It is therefore necessary to qualify supervisors and coaches for work in this environment. Responding to that challenge our partnership’s aim is the incorporation of cultural awareness as an important topic in training supervisors and coaches.

To achieve this aim, the partners will:

A. Мeet in workshops to gather, exchange and generate knowledge, methods and experiences:
- exchange experiences and methods;
- adapt and develop methods for supervisors and coaches;
- reflect and use their own intercultural experiences;
- test, monitor and reflect on the influence of different languages on supervision.

B. Develop a seminar “advanced training for supervisors and coaches” and implement it for the first time with a group of students from different countries.

C. Develop a website for ESCME with the aim of documenting and disseminating the results and the process of the learning partnership.

D. Adapt the results of the transnational seminars on national level according to the specific needs of each of the partners.

Expected results:
• Raised professional competences of the participants in the partnership based on the experiences and the learning process of the partnership in exchange of knowledge and experience on supervision and coaching in a multicultural environment.
• Developed advanced training seminar for the education of supervisors /coaches, who work in multicultural contexts and for the Bulgarian partner - supervision introduced in the educational sector.
• Visualized progress of the process of the partnership through the website of the project.


"Educating Supervisors and Coaches for Multicultural Europe" is a project funded by the European Commission within the Grundtvig Partnership Programme. The content of these pages is under exclusive responsibility of the ESCME project partners. These pages do not reflect the opinions of the European Commission and the European Commission has no responsibility for their content.